Comparison between LG G5 and Samsung S7

The wait is finally over and the mobile world congress in Barcelona saw the release of the much awaited Samsung galaxy S7 as well as the magnificent LG G5. Since the release of Samsung S6 last year, talk was rife on when the next flagship phone will be released and enthusiasts had a field day mulling about the features that the Samsung S7 will spot. Well, the latest Samsung flagship phone is here and we can’t help but make a comparison between it and the latest LG release known as LG G5. What are the talking points of these two amazing smartphones released February of 2016? What are their key specifications? What are the differences between the two in terms of specifications?


In terms of size, the latest Samsung flagship phone Samsung S7 is slightly bigger than last year’s Samsung galaxy S6. The S7 size is 142mm*70mm*7.9mm while the LG G5 is 149mm*74mm*7.7mm. In essence, it is correct to say that the latest LG G5 is 5% taller and 6% wider than the Samsung S7.


If you are the kind of person who loves variety in terms of colour, then LG G5 and Samsung s7 do not disappoint. The Samsung s7 can be found in three colors namely silver, black and gold though it is imperative to note that currently there are no US carriers that offer the Samsung galaxy s7 in silver colour. On the other hand, one can choose the LG G5 in any of the following colours: gold, Titan, pink and silver.


As relates to weight, the LG G5 is slightly heavier than the latest Samsung galaxy S7 flagship phone. Samsung S7 weighs 152g while LG G5 weighs 159g but this is not an issue considering that the Samsung galaxy S7 is slightly bigger in terms of size.

Display and display type

The LG G5 has a slightly larger display as compared to the Samsung S7. Samsung S7 has a display of 5.1” while the LG G5 has a display of 5.3”. This is not an issue as those that want a larger display can always opt for the Samsung galaxy edge S7. As regards to the display type, Samsung S7 has stuck with the super amoled display while the LG G5 boasts of IPS display.

Fingerprint sensor

Security is a feature that most buyers take into consideration when buying a mobile phone and LG G5 and Samsung S7 have not disappointed in this aspect ensuring that there is a fingerprint sensor. The only difference is the location of the finger print sensor. For the LG G5, the finger print sensor is located on the back right below the camera while for Samsung S7, it can be found living right inside the home button.

Processor and RAM

The processor for Samsung S7 is Snapdragon 820*64 bit quad core 2.15 GHz while that of LG G5 is Snapdragon 820 64 bit quad core 2.15 GHz. As regards random accessory memory, it is important to note that both come with a RAM of 4GB.

Storage and battery

Both the two smartphones come with an internal storage of 32 GB. It is also imperative to note that the two high end smartphones also accept external storage of up 2TB. As regards battery, the Samsung S7 comes with 3000mAh non removable battery while the LG G5 comes with 2800mAh removable battery.


The Samsung S7 boasts of 12MP rear and 5MP front camera while the LG G5 boasts of 16MP rear and 8MP front camera.


Last but not least, it is important to note that both high end smartphones run Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Once again, your choice between the two high end smartphones is purely a question of tastes and preference. The Samsung S7 will officially be released on March 11 while the LG G5 is expected to be officially in the market by April 16th.