How far have Mobile phones come from?

It is 2016 and there is absolutely every reason for punters to be excited about the upcoming smartphone releases. The technological breakthroughs in the mobile phone industry has ensured that there is never a lull or buzz concerning upcoming phones. We are always excited about the new technology that the next iPhone or Samsung galaxy will spot that it has become a way of life. In fact, thinking of back in the day before smartphones hit the scene, it is hard to imagine that the mobile phone has come this far. Back in the day when I first owned a mobile phone, it was simply capable of the basic features with a funny ringtone that irritated me every time it rang.


Back in the day, I could only use my phone for texting, making voice calls and if lucky enough listen the radio. Google play store or mobile phone applications were only a distant dream. My phone had no browsing capabilities and therefore it was impossible for me to access the internet using it. Social media networks were yet to become a reality and socialization was pretty much the old fashioned way where we actually met with our friends and had a chit chat and stuff. Online shopping as we know them today was a mirage. In fact, back in the day, mobile phones had not replaced communication and we pretty much had face to face conversations.

Fast forward to today and the mobile phone has become the new form of communication so much so that even couples who are not verbally talking to each other prefer to text and not iron their issues out as it were back in the day. With a mobile phone today, you could accomplish so much that at times I am left to wonder how we used to survive back in the day without one. My smartphone nowadays is not only a calendar but is also my watch. I can set up reminders, use it as an alarm, seek for directions using it, socialize on social media and messaging apps such as WhatsApp, make video calls, look up a map, use it to navigate a terrain I have never been too before, send and receive emails and even shop online and make payments using it.

It is no wonder that a person gets a mini heart attack when they reach down their pockets and notice there phone is not there. We spend so much time on mobile phones and it’s the first thing we reach out to in the morning when we wake up. Our over-reliance on mobile phones has indeed changed every aspect of our lives so much so that we are always looking for what’s new in the next flagship phone to be released. What security features will be integrated? What would the design and the power of the phone be?

How can the mobile phone make my life easier? All these are some of the questions we ask ourselves before we invest in the next smartphone. Our smartphones are not only calculators and maps but we can also use them to stream live music online, record videos that might go viral as well as capture moments that will make us smile for many years down the line. In light of this, I can state without any fear of contradiction that there is no glass ceiling when it comes to advancements in the mobile industry. New and better smartphones are going to be released every now and then as technologies improve and better features incorporated in our smartphones.