Factors to consider when buying a mobile handset

The mobile industry is laden with so many mobile phones that it could pose problems when seeking the kind of phone you wish to buy. The stiff competition between mobile makes and the different features and technology that different smartphones boast could pose a challenge, a dilemma when seeking to buy a new phone. With so many mobile handsets to choose from, how then do you ensure that you make the right and smart choice when choosing a mobile phone? We are going to look at the factors to consider when seeking to buy a mobile phone.



Cost is a very important factor when seeking to buy a mobile phone. It is important that you buy a mobile phone that is within your budget. Finding the right deal is important especially if you are on shoestring budget. If you wish to buy a phone on a contract, compare the costs and settle on a contract that not only offers amazing benefits but also affordable enough. In addition to that, do not forget to take into consideration warranty as it’s a very important factor.

Phone size

Some people love big phones like phablets while there are those that prefer phones that are smaller in size. If you have problems fitting a larger phone in your pocket or simply dislike the idea of using your phone with both hands, then size is an important factor when seeking to buy a phone. Go for a phone size that you are comfortable with and not one that will pose problems to you because it’s too big or too small.


The operating system of a phone is a very important consideration when seeking to buy a mobile phone. If you love android operating system, it might be important that you go for a smartphone that runs on android OS. Similarly, if you love phones that operate on IOS, the logical thing to do would be to buy an iPhone. The same applies if you love blackberry IOS or windows phone software.


A look at the most popular smartphones and you will notice that they ship with 16GB up to 64GB internal storage which is sufficient by all means. However, if you are looking to spruce up the internal memory, ensure that the smartphone you buy has micro SD slots where you can add additional memory.

Resale value

If you wish to resale your phone down the road, the logical thing to do would be to invest in a phone with a higher resale value. Generally, phones made by Apple tend to have a high resale value as compared to phones made by other manufacturers.